About Us

Alpha Healthcare InstituteAlpha Healthcare Institute (AHI) is a private post secondary educational institution which offers quality technical programs. AHI's comprehensive curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for immediate entry-level employment. Students receive hands-on training from knowledgeable and experienced instructors.
Our curriculum will provide you with comprehensive theory and clinical training needed for you to acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the program and you will be eligible to sit for the Illinois State Certification Examination.
AHI concept is unique for it provides a bilateral commitment between the learner and instructor:

  • A commitment to provide the student with comprehensive theory and clinical training needed to acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed in the caring environment
  • A commitment to strengthen interpersonal skills for productive work with others
  • A commitment to provide basic tools and the accompanying (performance) skills so that problems in the student's performance can be identified.
  • A commitment to instill a new level of self-confidence and capability to use a past experience and the use of empathy in caring for others rather than ignoring these experiences as an adult
  • A commitment to provide curriculum which gives training to acquire knowledge and skills to meet the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements for a CNA.
  • A commitment to maintain a high level of integrity while, at the same time, assisting the learner to attain virtual career opportunities.

The Alpha Healthcare Institute is in the business of providing healthcare training and in-home healthcare services that will allow elderly and developmentally disabled people that ability to have an affordable in-home care that will assist them in their day to day activities. The Company will partner with a number of healthcare professionals in the event that more significant treatment is needed or in the event of an emergency. In addition to the in-home services, the Company will have its aides take their patients out for doctor appointments and physical therapy so that they are not constantly confined to their homes. This is especially true for people that are still mobile and active but no longer have the ability to operate a car.

Mission Statement

Alpha Healthcare Institute (AHI) is dedicated to excellence and quality service. The most important aspects of the school mission are to offer high quality programs to young and adult students and to foster students to attain the success of their chosen career. To these ends, the school attaches primary importance to excellence in teaching –"EXCELLENCE WITH COMPASSION".

Unique to AHI's mission are the two distinctive characteristics of diversity and community partnerships. Because of its location in the Chicago Metropolitan area , the school serves a community which is diverse in age, culture, language and race. The diversity, an important asset, means that offered programs utilize number of perspectives to enrich the teachings and for students, to instill a new level of self-confidence and capability to use a past experience rather than ignoring these experiences and to prepare students to interact with different cultures that characterizes our society.


Alpha Healthcare Institute TrainingAt the heart of the mission of Alpha Healthcare Institute is the goal to see each and every graduate achieve meaningful employment in their chosen field.

Employment preparation is introduced during the course of training.

The Institute cannot guarantee any person a job, but dedicates its resources to assisting all graduates to gain meaningful and rewarding employment. Career counseling, skills enhancement sessions, resume updates and job referrals are available by appointment.


AHI welcomes inquiries and applications throughout the year. Although the Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant based on school records, test scores, or personal interview, the administration makes every effort to accept applicants who possess the ability and motivation to complete their chosen program of study successfully.

Regular Admission

To be admitted as a regular student in any of the Institute's programs, an applicant must have attained the following:

  • Be at least 17 years of age and not currently be enrolled in a secondary school.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED diploma.

Special Program Admission

Students who apply to any program sponsored by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) or other sponsored program will be required to provide documentation that they meet the eligibility requirements of WIA or other program sponsors. Admissions requirements may also be revised for these contractual programs.

Enrollment Procedures

All applicants must complete an application for admission. An Admissions Representative will then conduct a personal interview to determine an applicant's educational background, work experience, career goals, and motivation. Applicants must take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). An applicant who possesses a high school diploma but performs poorly on the entrance examination must improve his/her academic skills and may re-apply at a later date.
After applicants are notified of acceptance, the Institute will request an official high school transcript or GED diploma. An applicant is considered to have enrolled when a tuition payment(s)has been made and accepted by the Institute from the student or any other person on his/her behalf.

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